Fire Facilities


Live Fire Training is Priceless...Fire Facilities Leasing Makes it Affordable

Many fire departments view live fire training as a vital component of their training program and consider Fire Facilities steel fire training structure essential firefighting equipment. However, with property taxes and fundraising revenues stretched to the limit and capital budgets planned years in advance, itís often difficult to find the dollars for this essential piece of training equipment.

A viable solution is Fire Facilities Leasing. Fire Facilities Leasing is a cost-effective financing alternative to single-payment budgeting and purchases by spreading the cost of a Fire Facilities steel training tower over a number of years. This flexible financing program puts live fire training within reach of almost any department.

FFI Leasing Provides:

  • financing of amounts from $50,000 to $3,000,000
  • leasing periods from three (3) to ten (10) years
  • financing for Fire Facilitiesí towers and related costs including land, permits, architectural fees, excavation, foundation work, erection, and mechanical systems
  • flexible payment structure including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment options
  • exceptional tax-exempt lease rates for qualified applicant

Leasing FAQs

How to Apply

Applying for Fire Facilities Leasing is quick and easy. Simply complete the lease application and return it to Fire Facilities along with:

  • a copy of the last three years' audited financial statements
  • a copy of your most recent budget

Once credit is approved, leasing documents will be forwarded for your authorization. Funds for the purchase are available shortly after return of the authorized lease documents.

Live fire training in a Fire Facilities steel fire training building isnít a luxury; itís a necessity. Fire Facilities Leasing can put live fire training within reach. For more information on this program, click here.