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NFPA 1403 (2012 Edition) requires that the structural integrity of the live fire training structure shall be evaluated and documented annually by the building owner or AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). If visible structural defects are found, such as cracks, rust, spalls, or warps in structural floors, columns, beams, walls, or metal panels, the building owner shall have a follow-up evaluation conducted by a licensed professional engineer with live fire training structure experience and expertise, or by another competent professional as determined by the building owner or AHJ.

Since the onset of the NFPA 1403 mandated fire training tower inspections, Fire Facilities has worked closely with our customers, to provide this important service. In doing so, it is critical that the engineer providing the inspection be licensed to provide Professional Engineering Services in the state in which the inspection is being conducted. State licensure is not only required by all states, but also assures the customer that the engineer providing the inspection has the knowledge and expertise to provide such a service. Proof of engineering licensure in your state should be mandatory, prior to accepting any offers to conduct services. It is equally important to have extensive knowledge in the dynamics of live fire training structures, and this requires years of experience.

Follow-Up Inspection Program

Non-Gas-Fired/Five Year Inspection Program

Gas-Fired/Ten Year Inspection Program

Note: FFI does not provide inspections for calcium aluminate refractory structural concrete (i.e., structures with concrete walls, or concrete beams/columns). Concrete coring is not provided as part of this inspection program. Coring is only required on concrete structures with calcium aluminate refractory structural concrete.

Additional Note: NFPA 1403 also requires the owner of the fire training structure to visually inspect for damage and document this damage before each use to ensure the safety of the trainees.