Fire Facilities


Getting the Most From Your Fire Training Tower

Are your firefighters read to meet the challenge? Are you thinking of all the training exercises that you will be able to accomplish in your training structure? Training is the one and only time that you have complete control over the conditions and environment that you work in. For this reason each department should establish clear training goals, including a structural training course. This will ensure you are getting the most from your training building. Incorporating numerous types of training exercises into your department's program will enable you to develop a team of well prepared firefighters.

What is the Ideal Fire Training Facility?

The answer is that there is no universally correct answer. The perfect facility design for one department may be totally inappropriate for another. Why? Because to be truly ideal, the facility must be designed to encompass the duties and techniques applicable to the department.

Steel Fire Training Towers Have Taken Over the Market

The first fire training structures were designed and constructed with concrete. At that time, concrete was the best material available to sustain repeated live fires, but it had its shortfalls. Each structure had to be designed by an architect or engineer whom typically had little experience, if any, with the unique needs of the fire training industry. As a result, the department received a tower that did not meet all of their training needs. In addition, each tower was designed on an as-needed basis. Therefore, there wasn’t an opportunity to improve on previous designs. This limited the development and improvement of future fire training towers.