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Basic Information

The Hall Crawler is a two-story live fire training building with access to the roof. Exterior stairs on the second floor lead to a balcony accessing three interior rooms, providing an apartment building or hotel/motel-like rescue training opportunity for your fire department or emergency services department. The Hall Crawler's two burn rooms and one corner burn area allow fire departments maximum flexibility in the training building.

Fire Training Building

Dimensions 46'L x 22'W x 20'H
Roof: Flat
Roof Live Load: 100 PSF
Wind Load: Per Local Codes
Deck Live Load: 100 PSF

Parapet Roof Guard with Chained Opening
Exterior 2nd Floor Cantilevered Balcony 39' x 4'
Exterior Stair to 2nd Floor
Interior Stair to 2nd Floor
Interior Fixed Ladder, 2nd Floor to Roof
(8) 3'x7' Exterior Steel Doors
(1) 6' x 7' Exterior Steel Door
(13) 3'x7' Interior Steel Doors
(14) 3'x4' Window Openings with Steel Shutters
(1) 4' x 4' Roof Chop-Out Curb
(4) 1st Floor Rooms (1 Burn Room & 1 Corner Burn Area)
(5) 2nd Floor Rooms (1 Burn Room)
(1) WestecTM Insulation System
(1) Scout Temperature Monitoring System

Land Area Requirements
Basic building site 1.00 acre
Drafting pit 0.20 acre
Vehicle extrication pad 0.20 acre
Rail car spill 0.60 acre
Tank truck spill/roll-over 0.20 acre
Flammable liquid pond 0.10 acre
Electric transformer pad 0.10 acre
Aircraft rescue pad 0.70 acre
Classroom building 0.30 acre
Garage 0.30 acre

Additional allowances should be made for parking, retention ponds, or equipment storage.

Land area requirements vary slightly for different tower models. Please contact us for requirements on your specific project.