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Basic Information

The Ready-Set-Go is a preassembled portable fire training structure. The portable unit features a 24' long burn room and nearly 8' storage area. Completely factory assembled for delivery on a flatbed trailer, the Ready-Set-Go does not require a foundation, slab or any specific site preparation or field erection. A built-in leveling system allows for placement on uneven surfaces.

Multiple Ready-Set-Go units may be joined to create several different configurations for maximum training experience.

Training Unit

Dimensions 32'L x 8' 6"W x 10' 1-1/8"H
Roof: 18-Gauge Steel
Roof Live Load: Live Load 100 PSF
Deck Live Load: 11-Gauge Steel Tread Plate, Live Load 100 PSF

18-Gauge Steel, Painted Exterior
3' x 3' Chop-Out Curb with Steel Cover Hatch
(5) 3' x 7' Doors
(2) 3' x 4' Shutters
(14) Manual Adjustment, 9" Maximum Adjustment Levelers
(4) Tubular Lift Pockets
7' 10-1/2"L x 8' 6"W x 10' 1-1/8"H Storage Area

Burn Room

Dimensions 24'L x 8' 6"W x 10' 1-1/8"H

3-Head Sprinkler System with 1-1/2" Connection
(1) WestecTM Insulation System
(1) Scout Temperature Monitoring System