Fire Facilities

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Harlem-Roscoe Fire Training Facility

September 18, 2004, the new facility was officially dedicated as the "Oscar Presley Training Facility". The two-story building with a maze of rooms and a 4-story tower can be rapidly filled with smoke. This allows the firefighters to perform search and rescue evolutions over and over again in true smoke conditions they might find in a real fire. A valuable feature is that the walls can also be moved around making new rooms and hallways thus enabling many various scenarios.

Three rooms in the building have burn props. One prop on the first floor simulates a fire on a stove complete with rollover onto the ceiling. Another prop in a room on the second floor simulates a bed or couch fire that also has fire rolling onto the ceiling. The third prop is a Class A burn area located on the 3rd floor attic area. Then there are the outside burn props. There is a car and a quad prop. The quad prop has four areas to interchange and simulate propane tank, barrel, above ground storage, and open fire. Both props can be remotely fired up and then firefighters practice proper attack evolutions with charged hose lines. With all the props, the evolutions can be repeated over and over again.

There is also a landing on the roof that can be used for rope rescue training. There are two outside ladders. One takes you from the gound to the roof platform and the other is a caged ladder (OSHA safety ladder). Inside there is an elevator shaft and room for confined space training. And there is also two overhead chop-outs in the attic for ventilation training.

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