About The Project

In the heart of Kersey, Colorado, lies a beacon of preparedness and innovation: the Platte Valley Fire Department’s state-of-the-art training facility. Equipped with removable walls and a standpipe extending up to the third floor, this facility is a cornerstone of excellence for firefighters, law enforcement, and SWAT teams alike.

Designed by Fire Facilities, the Deputy Chief model tower stands as a testament to the commitment of the Platte Valley community to ensure the safety and proficiency of its first responders. Its unmatched versatility caters to a range of training needs, from hose evolutions and victim removal to SWAT and police clearing exercises.

With training sessions occurring almost weekly, including live-fire drills conducted quarterly, firefighters and emergency responders remain sharp and ready to tackle any situation. The facility serves as a regional training hub, hosting the Consortium Fire Academy the region’s
entry-level fire academy and a place for local police officers, sheriffs, and SWAT teams to converge to hone their skills and enhance coordination.

The Deputy Chief tower is one of the standout features of this training facility, from simulated fires to intricate rescue missions, the tower allows for creativity and realism in training scenarios. Battalion Chief of Training, Ryan Rieser, shares his enthusiasm, “Being part of Platte Valley really spoils me; the best thing is having this facility right in our backyard – it draws everyone out frequently to train. It is not always about live burns, sometimes we have to get creative, and this tower allows us to adapt and innovate with different scenarios.”

Responding to just under 1,000 calls annually, the Platte Valley Fire Department covers a vast area of approximately 200 square miles, collaborating closely with neighboring districts to provide efficient emergency response. While grass fires are common due to the rural nature of the region, the department’s wildland team stands ready to deploy nationwide when called upon.

Despite the intensity of training activities, Platte Valley ensures that the facility remains an asset to the community, minimizing its visual impact and maximizing its value as a training resource.

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