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Design Your Own Fire Facilities Fire Training Tower!

Design-A-Tower will guide you through a 5-step process of selecting tower requirements and options that meet your training needs. Once completed, information on each tower that fits your criteria will be presented. You will also have the opportunity to request a proposal for each tower from Fire Facilities.

tower tips

Read our Tower Tips to review some important criteria to consider before selecting a tower such as certification requirements, safety considerations, environmental conditions, and future tower modifications.

Step 1

What is the desired height of a training structure? COnsider the following:
  • Maximum height of buildings in your area of responsibility.
  • Maximum height of equipment capabilities.
  • Maximum height desired for vertical rescue.
What is your estimated budget for a training tower?

Step 2

Will you need to conduct sloped roof exercises?
Will you need to conduct vertical confined space shaft exercises?
Will you need to conduct basement training scenarios?
Will you need to conduct helicopter deployment exercises?
Do you require any open tower levels?
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Step 3

Fire Training:
Will you need to conduct live fire training?
If so, will you need multiple burn areas?
Room Search/Clearing
Riser Operation
Balcony Rescue
Forced Entry
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Step 4

Will you need an artificial smoke distribution system?
Will the tower be used by other fire departments?
Will the tower be used by law enforcement departments?
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