How long has Fire Facilities been in business?

Fire Facilities has been designing and manufacturing fire training structures since 1989. Fire Facilities produces the only pre-engineered steel training structure being manufactured in the United States. Fire Facilities is the only Fire Training Structure company that has every one of its structures still in training use.


Is FFI Leasing available on all Fire Facilities training structures?

Yes, leases are available for all Fire Facilities products, from a single burn room to multi-story models.

Over how many years can payments be spread?

Leases are available for time periods of three (3) to ten (10) years. In special cases, 15 year terms may be available.

How frequently can payments be made?

Payments may be structured on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis.

Can the lease be paid off early?

Yes, special arrangements may be made to fit unexpected changes in needs.

How long does it take to make a decision on a lease application?

Decisions are usually made within a week to 10 days.

After approval, how long does it take to get the purchase funded?

Funds are available for purchase usually within 5-7 business days from receipt of the signed lease contract.

Who qualifies for a tax-exempt lease program?

Qualified 501 (c) (3) Volunteer Fire Departments, Fire Districts, Local Governments and other political subdivisions may qualify.


How are the buildings constructed?

Fire Facilities uses a red iron steel skeletal structure to support the loads. This provides the optimum in design flexibility. It also provides for easier, more cost effective additions. Fire Facilities has designed the exterior walls to meet the training demands for fire training, along with providing realism. Fire Facilities designs the corners, sills, and rakes to have sculpted trims to provide safe transitions to train on.

Why should I purchase a metal building vs. concrete or a container?

Our pre-engineered structures are purposely designed to provide an excellent value in live fire training. The floor plans are not limited to container sizes and widths, and can be modified to meet your department’s training needs or style. The entire structure – starting with the overall layout and right down to the final trim components – is designed with firefighter safety in mind. The insulation system is covered by a non-prorated 15 year warranty, providing a lasting training environment with low maintenance costs. Finally, the steel structure is easier to inspect than typical concrete structures, with no need for core sampling.

What is the cost differentiation between metal building/concrete/container?

A concrete structure installation typically costs 2 to 3 times more than the pre-engineered steel structure to install. The container system is considered the disposable method and typically has a low installation cost. The maintenance cost requirements for concrete are substantially more than the minimal maintenance costs for a pre-engineered steel structure. The container system more closely aligns with the replacement cost consideration, which would be higher cost. The cost for additions to a concrete facility would be more limited in design, and would require substantial labor costs. The pre-engineered steel structure provides a great deal of flexibility, with some labor for the addition. A container based facility can be added to with more containers; however, it is limited to prior design loads, existing openings and the original configuration layout. If the addition can be performed, it could require significant investment in field retrofitting.

How is the burn room lined?

Fire Facilities lines their burn rooms with the industry’s most durable and longest warrantied liner system. The patented WESTEC® Insulation System has been designed to provide a durable working surface, and the best insulation protection available. This two-part system helps reduce maintenance down time. Fire Facilities manufactures custom designed burn room doors and shutters to withstand the extreme training conditions.

Can propane-fueled live fire training props be added to burn buildings?

Yes, simulated fire systems can be added to Fire Facilities’ structures, with no advance planning during the design phase of the structure. The simulated fire system is commonly added at a later time.

Can I add on to the tower later?

Yes, the unique red-iron framework of a Fire Facilities Steel Fire Training Tower makes it possible to expand the facility footprint in any direction. Additional floors or burn areas may also be possible in many situations.

Can I move it?

Yes, Fire Facilities’ structures can be moved; and several have actually already been moved to new locations.

How long will the building last?

A typical steel structure architectural standard is 20 years. However, due our structure’s heavy duty design, we have structures still in service that are over 20 years old. You could expect a useful life to be a minimum of 30 to upwards of 50 years.

How long will it take for materials to arrive when I order?

The typical manufacturing to delivery time is ten to fourteen weeks.

Can I get custom drawings and how much do they cost?

Yes. We offer complimentary custom drawing services to help our clients optimize the development of the project concept.

What warranties do you offer and how long are they?

We provide the industry’s longest warranties for all of our products and accessories. Our warranty information for our products is found here.

Where can I get grant funding?

We have some General grant information located here. We have additional grant information available upon request.

How do I source your product?

Your product research has lead you to determine that Fire Facilities’ product is most suitable for your project. As such, you have the right to select the product that will best meet your needs. A sole source justification can be written to warrant direct purchase. In most cases a competitive bid process is required. While preparing the bid specifications, make sure you specify the elements and features that you require to satisfy your training needs; then during the selection process you can select the product that will provide the best results for your project. Fire Facilities can address your concerns about sourcing.

Can you help me with my bid documents?

Our experienced Regional Managers can assist you through the process of creating bid documents. Backed by a highly skilled engineering team, our staff has helped hundreds of departments bring live fire training to their communities.

Where are the materials manufactured?

The materials are manufactured in Sun Prairie, WI.

Do you design foundations for your structures?

Yes, foundation design is one of the many services we offer.

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